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About Baik Baik Designs & Borneo International, Inc.

Baik Baik Why we use Rayon…Rayon’s contribution to going Green
Rayon is a natural material, soft to the skin and breathable, making it ideal for use in clothing worn in hot or humid climates. Rayon is more moisture absorbent than cotton; clothing made of rayon remains odor-free after multiple uses, much longer than cotton. This means less washing, savings on water and energy, as well as on the wear and tear that occurs to the garment from the washing and drying processes.

When we think of going Green, it’s important to take into account that the total environmental impact of textile goods comes from their care as well as their production. With rayon in its multiple forms (knit, woven or elasticized), energy and water use is decreased and there is no need for fabric softener or whitening agents. Rayon is soft and delicate but strong and highly resistant to degrading pilling. These are a few of the reasons Baik Baik chooses rayon as its sustainable fabric of choice.

Rayon is produced from renewable cellulose based plants such as beech trees, pine trees, and bamboo. It’s biodegradable unlike synthetics. Cellulose based plants grow quickly and without irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers or genetic manipulation; The fiber yield per acre from the trees is up to ten times higher than that of cotton. Also, cotton needs up to 20 times more water. Indonesia is the premier producer of rayon in the world.

Our Owner Designer and Company
Founded in 1981 by Hawai‘i-based designer Mahchid Mottale, the Baik Baik line has established a niche in the world of contemporary Resort Wear. Starting with a classic line of men's shirts that are now treasured collectibles, Baik Baik has blazed a creative trail with relaxed style designs that are equal parts Balinese craftsmanship, European styling, and Hawaiian inspiration. Today 's more natural lifestyle provides the inspiration for Baik Baik's unique line of women's collections.

Each Baik Baik original is individually hand-finished or artfully embellished in our eco-friendly cottage industry production. Baik Baik is proud to have offered individual Balinese villagers the opportunity to maintain their productivity and creativity while working at home in familiar surroundings. This allows them to contribute to their own economic prosperity while having the freedom to be present with their children. In keeping with this desire to offer positive alternatives, Baik Baik has chosen rayon as its sustainable fabric of choice. Mahchid’s visually stunning design themes combine made to be lived in comfort, easy care, and eye-catching tropical hues. Baik Baik offers you the distinctive< beauty of our seasonal collections online. Enjoy your visit to our website.